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Studio Tour & Tenugui Dyeing Experience

A light, two-hour course focusing on the undamentals of Nagakan Dyeing Factory’s traditional katazome technique.
Choose from several of our original patterns to dye your tenugui (multi-purpose cloth) with your preferred color.

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Custom Japanese Apron & Tote Bag Dyeing Course

Make your own maekake (Japanese apron) and tote bag in this half-day dyeing experience. Choose from several of our original patterns, mix your color of choice, and dye the front of the fabric with tenasen technique and the back with hikizome technique.
Nagakan artisans will sew the dyed fabric into your Japanese apron and tote bag.

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2-Day Custom Hanten Design and Dyeing Course

Make your own custom hanten (traditional Japanese cotton coat) in this two-day dyeing experience. You’ll create your own design with the patterns, letters, and/or Japanese characters of your choosing, adding your preferred designs to its collar, back, and waist.
From creating the design and its paper stencil, to dyeing it with the colors of your choosing, this hanten dyeing experience is truly custom.

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2-Day In-depth Technical Course

Experience Nagakan Dyeing Factory’s traditional norioki and hikizome techniques and learn how to use traditional materials and tools and in this two-day in-depth technical course on making original furoshiki, a Japanese wrapping cloth.

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