When you're cycling, the wind can be both an ally and an enemy. But whether it’s helping push you forward, or pushing you to pedal harder, the changing wind always keeps us on our toes, and a ride without it just wouldn't be the same.


Cycling is a series of motions that come full circle. As long as you keep pedaling your legs, the wheels will move you forward. The bicycle is filled with elements that symbolize the cycles in our lives, like the cycle of the days that end and come again.


There's something about that sense of accomplishment when you finish climbing an uphill stretch. Do you climb up because you love going down? Or is it the ascent that you enjoy? Either way, the uphill you worked so hard for is over again before you know it.

Features and Specs

  • Hat Style: Cycling cap
  • Fabric: 100% Chita cotton
  • Thread: Polyester
  • Brim Core: Polythylene
  • Black Brim Liner: Polyester
  • One size, 53- 60cm (21 - 23.5 inch) circumference (band adjuster 25% polyurethane textile, 75% rayon)
  • Unisex
  • Sewn from artisan-dyed tenugui, each is one-of-a-kind

New Design preview

In conjunction with our upcoming pop up in New York, we're sharing this exclusive preview of these three new design prototypes. We're looking forward to sharing the final designs with you, scheduled for release in 2023!


In the height of summer, the sun shines its strong rays of sunlight and casts hard shadows on the ground. Some of us long for that sunshine, others dread it. Some worry about sunburn, others don’t mind at all. Either way, the hot days of summer make us pedal with furrowed brows. But when the days begin to get shorter, all cyclists miss the sun.


Sometimes a sudden shower feels good, even when you weren’t expecting it. And when a weekend of heavy rain is in the forecast, you might think it’s a waste. But on the other hand, maybe that kind of rain is a sign to relax at home once in a while. One thing’s for sure, cyclists always care about the rain.


Venture off the paved road and you’ll find a world of new surroundings open up before you. Mountain biking, cyclo-cross, and gravel bikes take you into the deepest woods. Breathe in the forest, soil, stones, shade, and moisture. Feel the soil under your feet and get back to nature.

Made from tenugui, a traditional, multi-purpose textile used in Japan for centuries

Your Nagakan Cap is made from artisan-dyed tenugui. These long, multi-purpose, cotton cloths have a rich history dating back centuries. During the Edo Period, when cotton became commonly available and dyeing techniques advanced, the tenugui became the perfect fashion accessory draped over the shoulder or tucked into the collar of a kimono. Also useful as hand towels, shoe liners, and even tourniquets, all classes of society embraced the tenugui, and it was not uncommon for merchants, sumo wrestlers, kabuki actors, and rakugo performers to hand them out like business cards.

To this day, they have many uses in Japan, such as for wrapping gifts and packages, wearing for fashion, dressing walls and tables, and more. They are also worn around the head or neck for protection from the sun, cold, and dust, and are commonly seen at Japanese festivals as part of traditional costume. The ends are traditionally left unfinished, for ease of drying, or for tearing.

Chita cotton

This premium woven cotton from Aichi Prefecture's Chita Peninsula is known for its superior softness, flexibility, and durability.

Chita cotton is meticulously checked for quality, and its precise weaving and gentle bleaching process take longer than other kinds, resulting in an exceptional cotton that has been prized as Japan's best for over 400 years.

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